FCA History

By Headmistress Teresa Flake

Faith Christian Academy opened our doors in 2003 as a one-room schoolhouse out in Conrad Georgia. We started with 24 students, three teachers and lots of heart. As the mother of six gifted children, I envisioned a school where gifted students could learn at their ability levels but socialize with others at their age or maturity levels. For example, if I had a ninth-grader ready for calculus, he takes calculus, but goes to art or P.E. with other ninth-graders. We soon found out that those things which work well for gifted students – small class sizes, hands-on learning, and fieldtrips – also work well for struggling students and for those in the middle as well.

We have been fully accredited since the very beginning and are accredited at the highest level possible. We have moved four times in our 14 year history and are looking forward to having a home of our own and no longer being renters.

Our goal is and has always been to see each child as an individual and to meet him or her where he or she is and go forward. We want to provide a safe, secure, loving environment in which each student is able to grow, learn and flourish.

The best way to judge the quality of our school is to look at our graduates and their college acceptances and college graduation rates. 90-95% of our students go on to college. Many have gone on to get graduate degrees. Our graduates have become pharmacists, lawyers, teachers, preachers, businessmen, counselors, social workers, firemen, policemen, nurses and missionaries, just to name a few.

Our graduates have been accepted into some of the finest schools not only in Georgia, but throughout the United States. William & Mary, Notre Dame, Wheaton, Texas A&M, Auburn, UGA, Georgia Tech, Baylor, Georgia State, and Emory are just a sample of the colleges our students have been accepted to.

We have a strong joint enrollment program with both Gordon and Southern Crescent and we work with our seniors and their families throughout the college application process. At FCA your child becomes more than just a number. He or she becomes a part of our family. Because of my background in gifted, we specialize in meeting the needs of gifted students but students of all ability levels are welcomed and accepted.

Teresa Flake